What You Need to Know About Leather Wallet Use and Care


Purses, which have become an integral part of our daily life, have become a status symbol and even an addiction for some of us. Wallets, which we used in the past only in our bags to keep our money, identity and cards, have gone beyond the bags and become our indispensable accessories today. Even if we don’t take anything with us, we always have the wallets in which we put our cards, money and identity cards. There are many wallet models with different colors, patterns and designs suitable for every need. However, we think that for many of us, leather wallets have a very special place. Who can say no to a wallet, especially made of genuine leather, with a useful and stylish design?

If you have invested in a wallet made of high-quality leather, you will probably want to protect it and use it for a long time. The best way to extend the life of genuine leather products is to use them correctly and to maintain them frequently. A quality wallet made of genuine leather, branded or not, is a valuable item. In fact, such a wallet is not only an accessory, but also a part of your personality.

Leather wallet cleaning and maintenance may seem difficult or unnecessary for you at first. However, regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your leather wallet up to date and at the same time keeping it looking beautiful all the time. In this way, you will always be happy to carry it.

What Should We Pay Attention To In Order To Use The Leather Wallet For A Long Time?

  • Be careful not to keep your wallet on a dirty surface and always use it with clean hands.
  • Avoid over-cleaning your leather wallet and using harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Use cleaners suitable for the material and leather type of your wallet.
  • Avoid overfilling your wallet. When the leather is stretched, it may have difficulty returning to its original shape.
  • If your wallet does not have a separate coin compartment, be careful not to carry any coins in it.
  • Let the leather wallet breathe. Do not wrap it in an extra sheath or plastic, even for protection.
  • Never use a hair dryer if your wallet gets wet. Let it dry on its own at room temperature.

How to Care for Leather Wallet Correctly?

Genuine leather wallets develop a certain texture over time, and the truth is, they look better with age. It is more important to maintain the natural quality and beauty of your leather wallet by caring for it properly rather than undo or fix it. So, how to care for the right leather wallet?

  • First of all, we should definitely stay away from cleaning agents that contain heavy chemicals.
  • You can clean your leather wallet with a slightly damp cloth or with special leather cleaning products.
  • You can use a dry cloth to clean the dust and dirt on the surface. For interiors and narrower corners, you can remove the accumulated dust with the help of a straw.
  • You can wipe the outer surface of the wallet with a cleaner specially formulated for leather. With the help of a soft cloth, you can apply the cleaner by making circular movements and then rinse with a damp cloth so that the pores are not blocked. Some leather cleaners may cause bleaching or discoloration on the leather. For this reason, you can test on a small area first.
  • Make sure your leather wallet is thoroughly dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • As the last step, you can complete your care with moisturizing creams specially produced for the leather. It is a good idea to try such products in a small corner of the wallet that will not be visible first.
  • Leather softener products are used to moisturize your leather products and to keep their fibers flexible. There are many different leather softeners available. Which one you choose will depend on the type of leather and how it is used.
  • It is important to choose products with natural ingredients for long-term use of leather products.
  • Cleaning your leather wallet too often may damage its natural texture. Daily dry dusting and detailed maintenance once a month will be sufficient.